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The A Team

At Source, we love crazy amazing people. 

We build our workflow around enabling great people to do great work. We start with our core production team of experienced, creative problem solvers and our two super powered coordinators; Tsara Shelton & Tyran Reese (secret identities of course). We keep the details well organized, the communication seamless, and the experience smooth. From there we tap into our incredibly talented network of professionals that all go to work for you.   

Every player in a Source Production is a seasoned professional who knows how to kick their department up a notch; they don't just do their job, they own their craft. Collectively we are a formidable team that helps you nail the creative and have fun in the process. We love what we do, and enjoy each others company, and it just makes the day go better. We also love to welcome new and talented family members into our fray whenever possible so the joy just keeps expanding.

In short - we got this.


Tropical Leaves

Brandessa Hale

Executive Producer

I have been producing large scale photo shoots for over 10 years and have evolved with every step. I have had the honor of working with some of the worlds biggest brands and agencies, and some of the most purposeful brands and people. I take enormous pleasure in enabling the creative process to be a smooth and collaborative one and building a network of supportive individuals that collectively enhance the whole experience. Leveraging my experience, expertise, and cool head it is in my nature to make things happen. Clients and crew alike have become my friends and allies and I am grateful every day for work that allows me to connect and grow.

I thrive off of collaboration with artistic and innovative minds and provide an efficient, crazy 

awesome, and reliable production; on budget everytime. Ultimately a shoot should be smooth, smart, and fun, and that's the way I do it.